4. Smart home middleware


Although Amazon focuses on the smart aspects of the Echo speakers, delivering Amazon Alexa to every possible room, did you know you could actually

  • use the Echo speakers to function as an advanced multiroom audio system, and even more impressive, using your existing surround/speaker infrastructure? 
  • combine 1 or 2 (for stereo effect) Echo speakers with the Echo Sub, to finally get these basses right?
  • use them as Bluetooth speaker for your mobile phone, making it a perfect conference device with the 360° microphone array

Echo Dot

The Echo dot is a tiny but powerful device and is the perfect low-cost solution to transform your existing audio infrastructure into a smart multiroom setup.

  • that can stream music (TuneIn, Spotify, ...) through its internal speaker
  • also has an output jack so you can connect it to any legacy speaker/surround system.
  • that can function as a Bluetooth receiver
  • can be part of an Amazon speaker group, enabling a real multiroom audio experience<
  • Amazon Alexa embedded with decent voice command pickup, even from a distance
  • when the audio jack is connected to an external speaker, the echo dot automatically switches off its internal speakers. This means that if your speaker system is switched off or playing another audio source, you will not hear Alexa's voice feedback.
Echo Plus

Echo Sub


Echo Studio

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