Although my prefered Smart lighting technology is ZigBee, most of the bulbs at home are based on Wi-Fi, as they were my first smart lighting investments. As I'm using Amazon Alexa as the master controller, luckily from a user perspective it doesn't matter which technology each individual bulb or strip is using.

LIFX Smart lighting solutions

I have been using LIFX smart lighting since the first generation of smart bulbs. Compared to other Wi-Fi bulbs, the LIFX bulbs generally offer an impressive combination of high lumen white and rich colours, next to some unique features.

  • Hi lumen white light
  • Rich colour
  • Unique features on some models, such as Z-strip and + models
  • Feature-rich app with predefined colour schemes & animations (loops, fades, random effects)
  • Expensive, especially if you need large quantities
  • Tend to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network now and then, and sometimes requires to cut the power in order to reconnect
 LIFX-Z strip

The LIFX-Z strip One of my all-time favourites, because of the unique PolyChrome feature, which allows splitting a single LED strip in multiple zones (per 8 LEDs), allowing any colour combination up to 10 meters on a single power supply and controller.

LIFX+ Smart Bulbs with Infrared Night mode

Is your night vision security camera missing some infrared light in order to give a clear image?  The LIFX+ series lightens up the night, without showing any visible light, next to the standard white & colour features of course.

Alternative Wi-Fi smart bulbs

Alternative Wi-Fi LED controllers

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